Parasitology and Public Health Society of Nigeria agenda of developing parasitology and public health issues that responds to African needs...

...scholars in the university system as lecturers and research fellows, training others for research and service...

...developing a more robust and distinctly ambitious curriculum for the teaching of Entomology and Parasitology...

...networking in teaching, direct intervention against diseases and management of programs with varying health outcome needs...

About PPSN

About Parasitology and Public Health Society of Nigeria

The society has come a long way since 1973 when it was founded in Calabar. At the early period of its founding, PPSN, then known as the Nigerian Society for Parasitology (NSP) has limited membership. It was primarily based in the six Nigerian universities that were in existence at that time. A few of these universities then had postgraduate courses in Zoology with opportunities for parasite biology research options at the doctoral level. Parasitology and entomology and public health were restricted to the discovery of new parasites and in a few case, the description of the parasite fauna. Others that studied abroad had interest in parasites of animals of European interest. The founding of the society by graduates from such programs marked the beginning of the network and the reason for its research and capacity development base. The founding members were exemplary scholars and remained within the university system as lecturers and research fellows. Since there were few universities at the time, the network was simple and contacts easy requiring very little formality. The agenda was basic to developing parasitology that responds to African needs and training others for research and service. Read more...



To make PPSN the first to be consulted for authoritative view, credible and knowledge products, as well as evidence-based opinion on issues that the most impact on parasite and public health problems in Africa.



To be the most visible partner in high policy impact research, capacity development and knowledge management, for effective control of parasitic diseases and agents of public health problems for the rapid socio-economic development of Nigeria and by extension, Africa.


Focus areas:

  • to develop an AFrican curriculum for the training and practice of parasitology and entomology which responds to local needs
  • to build the capacity and development of a critical mass of doctoral level scholarships for the continent
  • practical engagement in intellectual discourse, knowledge production, policy definition and intervention against diseases and their agents
  • development of network of intellectuals that set the health system research agenda
  • developing an agenda for dialogue between researchers and bureaucrats and developing a working relationship between government andd intellectuals for disease control in Nigeria
  • international engagement and visibility of locally trained Nigerian health system scientists in the control of diseases, the promotion of the credibility of the Nigerian educational systems

We have a nation wide coverage with spread in the following zones:










Our Executive Members (2021 - 2024)

image of Prof Sammy Sam-Wobo

Prof Sammy Sam-Wobo fzsn, fppsn


image of Prof Gideon Amuga

Prof Gideon Amuga fppsn

Vice President

image of Prof Danaan A. Dakul

Prof Danaan A. Dakul fppsn


image of Dr Mercy Ezeunala

Dr Mercy Ezeunala

Asst. Secretary

image of Prof Angela Ekwunife

Prof Angela Ekwunife fppsn


image of Dr Olabanji Surakat

Dr Olabanji Surakat

Fin. Secretary

image of Dr Seni Barka James

Dr Seni Barka James

Publicity Secretary

image of Prof Gloria Wokem

Prof Gloria Wokem fppsn

Internal Auditor

image of Prof Uwem Ekpo

Prof Uwem Ekpo fppsn


image of Dr Ehizogie Egbeobauwaye

Dr Ehizogie Egbeobauwaye

Editorial Assistant

image of Dr Innocent Omalu

Dr Innocent Omalu

Business Manager

image of Prof Chinyere Ukaga

Prof Chinyere Ukaga fppsn

Ex-Officio I

image of Prof Martins Aisien

Prof Martins Aisien fppsn, fzsn

Ex-Officio II

image of Prof Kabiru Abdullahi

Prof Kabiru Abdullahi fppsn

Co-Opted Member I

image of Prof Mobolanle Oniya

Prof Mobolanle Oniya fppsn

Co-Opted Member II

image of Prof Abdulhamid Ahmed

Prof Abdulhamid Ahmed

Coordinator - NorthWest

image of Prof Mrs Rebecca Napthali

Prof Mrs Rebecca Napthali

Coordinator - NorthEast

image of Dr Yoila Malann

Dr Yoila Malann

Coordinator - NorthCentral

image of Ven. Prof Chris Okoye

Ven. Prof Chris Okoye

Coordinator - SouthEast

image of Dr Babatunde Adewale

Dr Babatunde Adewale

Coordinator - SouthWest

image of Mrs. Mofe Pajiah

Mrs. Mofe Pajiah

Coordinator - SouthSouth


Our Board of Trustees

Prof. Ekanem Ikpi Braide fppsn, FAS

Member, Board of Trustee

image of Prof. Chiedu Felix Mafiana

Prof. Chiedu Felix Mafiana fppsn, fzsn

Member, Board of Trustee

image of Prof. Oladele  Akogun

Prof. Oladele Akogun

Member, Board of Trustee

image of Prof. Oladele Olusiji Kale

Prof. Oladele Olusiji Kale FAS

Member, Board of Trustee

image of Prof Martin Gbemi Ogbe

Prof Martin Gbemi Ogbe fppsn

Member, Board of Trustee

image of Dr. Margaret Ariyibo Mafe

Dr. Margaret Ariyibo Mafe fppsn

Member, Board of Trustee

image of Alh. Abubakar Bobboyi Jijiwa

Alh. Abubakar Bobboyi Jijiwa

Member, Board of Trustee

image of Prof. Bertram E. B. Nwoke

Prof. Bertram E. B. Nwoke fppsn, FAS

Member, Board of Trustee

image of Prof. Martins S. O. Aisien

Prof. Martins S. O. Aisien fppsn, fzsn

Member, Board of Trustee

image of Prof. Rowland I. S. Agbede

Prof. Rowland I. S. Agbede fppsn

Member, Board of Trustee


College of Fellows


Fellowship of the Parasitology and Public Health Society of Nigeria (FPPSN), the highest honour of the Society, shall be conferred on deserving individual who have followed guidelines, met terms and conditions for the award including:

  • Immense contribution to the Society,
  • Good financial commitment, and
  • Consistence in the attendance of Conference

List of PPSN Fellows are:

  • Prof. E. O. Ogunba (Late)
  • Prof. I. Okpala (Late)
  • Prof. M. N. Mohammed (Late)
  • Prof. A. D. W. Acholonu
  • Prof. U. K. Enyenihi
  • Prof. M. O. E. Iwuala
  • Prof. R. A. Ogunsuyi (Late)
  • Prof. A. O. Anya
  • Prof. (Chief) T. J. Princewill
  • Prof. Eka I. Braide
  • Prof. C. O. E. Onwuliri (Late)
  • Prof. L. D. Edungbola
  • Prof. J. P. Fabuyi
  • Prof. M. G. Ogbe
  • Prof. R. I. S. Agbede
  • Prof. B. E. B. Nwoke
  • Prof. C. F. Mafiana - 2012
  • Prof. Christine I. Eneanya - 2012
  • Prof. Grace O. Adeoye (Late) - 2012
  • Prof. Uche Amazigo - 2014
  • Prof. A. Tukur - 2014
  • Prof. F. Okafor (Late) - 2014
  • Prof. N. Umeche - 2015
  • Prof. Elizabeth U. Amuta - 2015
  • Prof. O. A. Amali - 2015
  • Prof. M.S.O. Aisien - 2017
  • Prof. C.E. Okaka - 2017
  • Prof. S.L. Kela - 2017
  • Prof. E. Abubakar (Late) - 2017
  • Prof. Maryam Suleiman - 2017
  • Prof. Halimatu S. Idris (Late) - 2017
  • Prof. I.N.S. Dozie - 2017
  • Dr. Margaret A. Mafe - 2017
  • Prof. Olubunmi Otubanjo - 2019
  • Prof. Obioma Nwaorgu - 2019
  • Prof. Chinyere Ukaga - 2019
  • Prof. K. Abdullahi - 2019
  • Prof. S. O. Sam-Wobo - 2019
  • Prof. G. A.Amuga - 2021
  • Prof.D. A.Dakul - 2021
  • Prof. Chinyelu A. Ekwunife - 2021
  • Dr. E. S. Obadiah - 2021
  • Prof. Gloria N. Wokem - 2021
  • Prof. M. O. Oniya - 2021
  • Prof. U. F. Ekpo - 2021
  • Prof. E. A.Omudu - 2021

Our Partners

Federal Ministry of Health, Nigeria

World Health Organisation



World Federation of Parasitologists

Delta State University

Neglected Tropical Disease Network

Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene


National Space Research and Development Agency

RTI International


Health | Environment | Advocacy | Learning Foundation

Requirements for PPSN Membership

  1. Pay N2000 for membership application fee
  2. Pay N3000 for membership annual dues for year 2022

All payments to PPSN GTB account 0027247210. Send evidence of payment.

After that, send the details below to 08033199315 via WhatsApp

  1. Full names
  2. Contact address
  3. Sex
  4. Occupation
  5. Phone number
  6. Area of interest
  7. Email address
  8. Year of membership